UHCA General Meeting
Monday, March 23rd @ 7:00 P.M. @ Loco’s Eastside. Special Guest: Commissioner Andy Herod. There will be a moderated Q&A. If you have a question pertinent to the Eastside, please email Light refreshments will be provided.

2015 YEARLY DUES. Dues are only $10 a year, and are used (frugally) for neighborhood activities, our newsletter, future neighborhood projects like entrance signs, and to maintain a “just in case” fund to defray any costs, such as legal fees, that might come up. Please send your check for $10.00 made to UHCA c/o Kathleen Powell, 112 Stafford Drive, Athens,  GA 30605.   You may pay for more than one year at a time, or make an additional donation to our organization.


INVASIVE PLANTS IN UH?  While walking or driving through our neighborhood, you may notice that much of the greenery of our “natural” areas is composed of alien plants from Asia andEurope.   Plants such as English Ivy, Privet, Nandina, Bamboo, Chinese Wisteria, etc. were brought in as ornamentals long ago and have now escaped cultivation.  If not controlled, these plants can easily out-compete and overwhelm our native trees and shrubs. [Read More...]

Poetry by fesident Bob Ambrose.  “Reflections in Poetry.” Some of the poems are set in our neighborhood (e.g., Old Riverside Oak, Heron World, Heron in the Wood, Awaiting Passage, Raking Fall Leaves with Paul and Camus).

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